Feedback and Testimonials



Feedback and Testimonials

"Sensational welsh cakes! Thanks to @debswelshcakes. Belt going out another notch.." - Jonathan "Aggers" Agnew, BBC cricket correspondent

"Well, yes. Your welsh cakes are the best I've ever eaten. Seriously." - Mark Taylor, Food Editor, Bristol Evening Post

"Honestly Deb, they are delicious. I was sad to leave one unopened packet behind at my parents' house on Saturday (felt it was far too mean to spirit them away!)" - Karen Barnes, Editor, Delicious Magazine

"The moistest welsh cakes I have ever tasted." Mary, Crickhowell

"Just a huge thank you for making the christening cake for us. We all said how deliciously moist it was and the fact that you had spent time and effort to make not only the fondant icing but the marzipan as well, made it a very special cake."  - Nicola,  Llangynidr

 "Family occasions always start with a batch of Mrs. Hayward's welsh cakes" - Richard Bruten, Llantrisant

"These delicious welsh cakes are perfect to send as sustenance to our two starving students in Exeter and Hampshire... they usually last about 0.4 seconds!" - Phil and Maeve Youell, Aylesbury

Debbie's welsh cakes are golden, moist and absolutely irresistible! In fact, they are definitely the best I have ever had the pleasure of eating" - Roz, Llanbedr

"I could eat them all day long!" - Debbie McCormick, Belfast

"Great service and delicious cakes... keep up the good work" - John Martin, Brecon